Limited Edition Paradise Anywhere Giclee

Paradise grab (1).jpeg
Paradise grab (1).jpeg
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Limited Edition Paradise Anywhere Giclee


BB’s favorite Edward Hopper, reimagined.  “Nighthawks” was a testimonial to the new loneliness and isolation of an urbanized world.  This is his second mash-up with Nighthawks— this time he pushes back a bit more against the dank cobwebs.  BB had originally included Trump alone, tweeting( see yesterday’s post) but repainted at the last moment without comment.  He puts these on his own walls, btw.

Signed and personalized with a custom sketch of Opus.  Please include a first name for personalization.

Printing details for this highest art-quality giclee:

  • 100% Cotton Archival Acid-free Paper, made to preserve art for 200 years
  • Archival pure pigmented-based ink
  • Inkjet-printed
  • Paper dimensions are 17"x22"

Signed prints are a custom item, printed to order, and may take up to six weeks to process prior to shipping.  Thank you for your patience.


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