Bill the Cat Plush

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Bill Cat Front.jpg
Bill Cat Quarter.jpg

Bill the Cat Plush


Our favorite lil pussy cat is now available. We can’t promise that there will be many remaining after the Black Friday-like horde gets a run at it. This cat needs a home. Or back to the science lab.


  • 16.5” H (top of the high pile hair 

  • 6” body width

  • 8” leg length, rear to feet (not counting tail)

  • Embroidered eyes and nose

  • Poly satin tongue, high pile fabric and die cut fabric long hairs, cord whiskers, embroidered pupils

  • Body fabric: EF Velboa, a very soft plush material

  • Filling: poly fiber

  • Imported

  • Genuine Berkeley Breathed Official Product

  • Available Exclusively at

  • Ships via USPS Priority Mail


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