Frank's Kingdom


Frank's Kingdom


Each of these paintings of Frank tell the entirety of a story.  All the graphic elements are there, if you look at the details.  I had huge fun including them, as they all offer clues about a character that has a far richer story than one suspects.  Ultimately, this print is meant to leave you smiling as you pass it by, finding a new insight into Frank--and maybe into the nature of decency, each time.  --bb

Through December 31, 2017, ten percent of the gross proceeds from the sale of this print will go to Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation. 

Each print features Berkeley's signature and a one-of-a-kind full graphite pencil sketch of Frank.  When ordering, please include a first name, if desired.

Printing details for this highest art-quality giclee:

  • 100% Cotton Archival Acid-free Paper, made to preserve art for 200 years
  • Archival pure pigmented-based ink
  • Paper dimensions are 17"x22" or 24"x30"


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